Hotel Kazanlak

The Valley of Roses

Kazanlak – the Valley of Roses and Thracian Kings


Kazanlak, well known as the City of Roses and Thracian Kings, is located in the lovely Rose Valley, at the foot of Stara Planina mountain. Kazanlak region is characterized by soft winter and a few days with snow coverage, early spring, moderate and warm summer and cool fall.

Sport and tourism

In Kazanlak surroundings there are opportunities for hiking and bicycling, orientation, alpinism, scrambling, skiing. There are organized interesting excursions on high-mountain routes with guides. Airport, located 4 km south-east from the city, and the Club for Parachutism offer everything needed for training to fans of parachutism and to professional parachutists. Local company – delta-gliders maker, offers air rides above the valley.


Pavel Banja resort is located 20 km west of Kazanlak at the Northern foot of Sredna Gora mountain. It has been well known for long years for its seven healing springs, used yet in ancient times. 5 km south-east of Kazanlak and 2 km away from Ovoshnik village are located Kazanlak Mineral Baths – a spa resort of local importance. Close to the Baths there are two pools with mineral water and a beach.

Nature has combined beauty and majesty of the Balkan with fertility of Tundja river valley. Warm mineral springs in Pavel Banja and in villages Ovoshnik and Jagoda make the region very attractive for year-round tourism.


In Kazanlak region there are various wood and plant species among which most common are the oak, the elm and the walnut. Next to Kran village there is saved a Walnut Forest and next to Tulovo village has survived centuries-old oak forest. Climatic conditions and soils here are appropriate for growing oil-bearing roses, mint, lavender, basil, and marigold.


“Leshnica” preserve saves various and special ecosystems in the low-mountain forest belt. Beech forests are 160 years old. Preserve is shelter for deers, royal slags, wild boars, martens, bears, day birds and night birds of prey.


“Kamenshtica” preserve saves ecosystems of mixed 60-170 years old broad-leaved forests. Preserve is home for bears, royal slags, wild boars, deers.

“Eninsko Zdrelo”

“Eninsko Zdrelo” includes the slopes above the bed of Eninska river and combines forests with beautiful rock formations. “Bears” is a natural landmark, protecting an attractive rock formation in the land of Kran village.

For centuries Rose valley has been the region producing the priceless Bulgarian rose oil.