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Historical and Cultural Sights

The most precious things in Kazanlak are the proofs of material culture of Ancient people and especially the Thracian heritage.

Kazanlak Vault is one of the nine objects in Bulgaria included in the UNESCO list of historical and architectural monuments of world importance. It is located in the north part of Kazanlak and is dated from IV-III centuries B.C.

In the Saint Mound, revealed on 19th of August 2004, was found a stone vault – sarcophagus with many golden objects from the rich Trhacian culture (V century B.C.). The vault is connected to the name of powerful king Theres – founder of the state of Odrisses. The most important finds in this vault are a unique masque with impressive weight, probably owned by king Theres, and a heavy golden ring with an image of athlete on it. The mound is part of a compound with many others which have turned the region into the Valley of Thracian Kings, a proof for the genius architectural skills of Thracians.

The Vault of the Thracian King Sevt IIIІ has been found in the mound Goliamata Kosmatka. Among the most precious finds there have been bronze head of a man with beard and eyes of semi-precious stones, many bronze and silver appliances, refined golden cup and golden wreath with oak leaves and acorns.

In the old part of Kazanlak – the Kulata district, where is situated the world known Kazanlak Thracian Vault, is also located the romantic cobblestone paved street “Mirska”. There can be found architectural monuments from the Renaissance which form the Ethnographic compound “Kulata”.

City Historical Museum “Iskra” was founded in 1901 and is one of the oldest in the country. It has more than 70 000 exponents.

City Gallery of Arts is situated in the building of museum and is one of the oldest and richest in the country.

The only one of its kind in Bulgaria is the Museum of Rose which follows the development of traditional and modern rose production in Bulgaria since its formation to present days.

In not so distant past Kazanlak has been famous craft city. Today, as an attraction, in the Historical and Ethnographic Complex tourists can watch demonstrations of coppersmith, making of traditional folklore instruments, primitive rose oil production as well as to visit Renaissance houses.

In immediate vicinity, north of Kazanlak are located the spotsNational Park–Museum Shipka – Buzludja and Monument of Freedom on the Shipka peak – a symbol of Bulgarian national independence.

15 km away from Kazanlak, close to Shipka town is located the unique Temple-Monument “Birth of Jesus”, built in the Russian church architectural style from 10th century. It is resounded with orthodox music.