Hotel Kazanlak


Calendar of Events

Every year from 25th of March to 1st of April in Kazanlak take place Chudomirovi Celebrations of culture with concerts, exhibitions and performances of foreign participants.

A wonderful attraction for local people and for tourists is the spring custom Sirni Zagovezni with mummer’s games in Pavel Banja and in villages Dunavci, Turia, Tuza, Gabarevo and Tarnichene. Village Tarnichene attracts tourists also with its functioning rose oil factory.

Mysteries in the Valley is a unique performance based on an ancient Thracian ritual (IV-III centuries B.C.). Performance takes place after the sunset on a natural stage, north of the world known Thracian Vault, in the park “Tjulbeto”. The place is sacral and emits positive energy. The end of the ritual is marked by a feast to celebrate the new Thracian king. Tourists – participants in the performance try wine and appetizers, prepared according to original Thracian recipes as well as fruits from the lands of Thracians.